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Race Report Round 2 DAC Shannonville May 29-30th - TQLA member and racer Richard Walker

1st - Jim
2nd - Bob
DNF - Craig (5 laps), Richard (0 laps)

Sun - Race 1
1st - Bob
2nd - Craig
3rd - Richard
4th - Graham
DNF - Jim (3 laps)

Sun - Race 2
1st - Bob
2nd - Richard
3rd - Craig
DNF - Graham (4 laps)
DNS - Jim

The battery cable broke (inside a shrink tube joint) and the car stopped running at the start of race one. The engine restarted immediately while at the marshal station, but then stopped again. The engine restarted in the paddock but once stopped, refused to restart. The search for the problem resulted in lots of removal of parts and pondering. Once found, the fix was easy... install the spare!

The CAC provided dinner on Saturday was outstanding. Thank you and congratulations.

The highlight of race (parade) 2 was the finish. Nick Majors passed me going into the second last corner, then turned the car sideways the WRONG way. While I am trying to stay out of the way, Bruce Gregory in his Radical is trying to get past me to see if he can get by Nick before the checker. Nick did recover to take the win.

Race 3 featured a great dice between myself and Craig Hall. Graham, Bob and I had to start from the back of the grid since we were late. I caught Craig by mid race and managed to get by him for a couple of laps. At the end I was able to pass Craig at the end of the straight on the last lap and hold on till the finish.

The weather for this weekend was the antithesis of the previous BEMC event, HOT and dry.





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