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Race Report Round 6 BARC Mosport Sept 4-5th - TQLA President Chris Haley

Well what can I say... the typical Mosport weather was on hand for this event.  After a week of hot & humid weather, we spent the weekend getting wet and blown around.  The usual cast of characters arrived on Friday evening, cars were unloaded, libations were poured and the Friday evening ritual of deciding where to eat began.  Decisions, always decisions.  Richard suggested a restaurant with a patio on Lake Scugog as the weather was still quite nice Friday evening so that is where we headed.  Excellent choice Richard!  Once we had looked after the eating and drinking portion of the evening we returned to the track and setup camp.  Now this is where the weather first came into play.  The expected cold front moved in at almost exactly 10pm with a very quick change from calm to extremely windy.  Now this would normally not be an issue except that Devin and Jill were in the middle of putting up their tent and it took about 6 people to rescue it off the top of their Volvo where it landed and then keep it in place while they tied it down and got things inside.  Thank goodness for trailers and motor homes...


Practice and qualifying were both interrupted by rain and as all had gone out on slicks they were both very short sessions.  I believe Bob got a total of 8 laps in both sessions and it was about the same for everyone.  There were a total of 12 cars that qualify for the Libre race and the F4 group was Bob, 3rd overall, Jim, 4th and Richard 12th.

The race was a crap shoot on whether it was going to rain or not but we lucked out and it remained dry.  Jim got the jump on Bob at the start and slowly started to pull away.  Richard got hooked up with a guy in an old Swift FF and they had a great dice for the whole race.  This was actually the best dice within the race with Richard coming out ahead at the end by less than ˝ a second.  At the front Nick Majors and Matt Graham disappeared off into the distance with their sports racers and Jim continued to slowly pull away from Bob.  About half way through the race Bob started to close on Jim and then got by him.  Devin then noticed that the diffuser was missing from under Jim’s car so that explained the sudden change of pace.  Nothing much happened after that and Bob was first in F4, Jim second and Richard 3rd.  After the race we found out that going down into turn 4 the diffuser had come off, flown about 20ft up in the air and come down at the side of the track.  Bob mentioned that it did get his attention as it went up!  Considering the flight it took, there was very little damage to it when it was returned and will be repaired and refitted for the next event.

With all that fun looked after we watched the wind and rain, waited for the evening BBQ to start and enjoyed some munchies & snacks provided by Richard and Val at the motor home.  We went down for the club BBQ (which in my opinion was not up to usual standards) and then came back to Richard and Val’s again for a pie and ice cream desert.  Many thanks to Richard and Val for their hospitality all weekend - it was greatly appreciated by all.


Race 1

Another “here we go again” morning as at 7am there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and by 10:30 when we raced it had already rained, was cloudy, cool and looked like it was going to rain again.  It sprinkled a little while on the mock grid but not enough to get the track wet and we were able to race in the dry.  Graham Dewhurst had arrived during the day on Sat but was not feeling well so opted to only run on Sunday.  As he had no qualifying time he had to start from the back.  Again Jim took the lead in F4 at the drop of the green with the sports racer of Nick Majors taking flight but this time Matt Graham with the Radical had been late getting to the grid so he had to start at the back and come up through the field.  Jim dropped in behind Nick with Bob and Richard behind.  Matt sailed up through the field to take second by about lap 3 and then on lap 5 Jim did not come around so it was Bob first in F4, Richard second and Graham third.  After a couple of laps with no Jim, Devin checked with the pit lane marshals and discovered that Jim had pulled off at Turn 5 and was parked.  Turned out that a drive shaft had broken but luckily no other damage was incurred and Jim was able to install his spare in time for the final race of the day.  In the 4 laps he did go, he set the fastest time of the weekend and also the best F4 time of the season at Mosport with a 1:27.080 – no wonder the damn driveshaft broke!  Again Richard had the best race of the bunch as he was in amongst Brain Thomas’s sports racer and the Swift FF again until the Swift had a side pod come loose and he had to make a short pit stop.  Graham kept his sore nose out of trouble and finished a respectable 3rd in class.  The F4 results for this race were Bob 1st, Richard 2nd and Graham 3rd.

Race 2

It rained off and on between races and was threatening rain right up to race time.  The track was damp but not wet enough for rain tires and had actually dried pretty well by the time we went out for the race.  Everyone arrived on the Grid with one eye on the sky hoping it would stay that way for the race.  Due to his drive shaft problem in the previous race Jim had to start at the back but with only 12 cars in the field he wasn’t going to be back there very long.  The field came by for the green, Nick and Matt headed off and Jim made up about 6 places before turn 1.  Devin and I stood there on the wall waiting for the field to come around and just under 2 minutes later they did... hmmmmmmmm must be an issue out there somewhere.  Turns out it was raining from turn 2 to Turn 5....wheeeeeeeeeeeee.  Jim came around in second place overall and as the race went on he continued to open a lead over Bob, Graham and Richard.  He even managed a spin in turn 5 at one point, along with many of the other competitors.  Best time for that race for Jim was a 1:36 and Bob was 1:40.  The dicey conditions continued for much of the race so this was a case of bring things home in one piece and move on to the next event.  The F4 results for this race were Jim 1st, Bob 2nd, Graham 3rd and Richard 4th.

With that mess over we move on the next event on September 18/19 at Mosport and can only hope for better weather.  Hope to see many of you at that event.





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