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Race Report Round 3 BARC Mosport July 2nd - TQLA President Chris Haley

Well the second of two one day events is now over and most are saying “thank God for that”. Although the weather was fantastic for the day it was a very busy day. We lost out on some of our “break” time right off the bat when the road ambulance didn’t show until about 10am when it was supposed to be there for 9am. One of the rumours was that the organizers forgot to order it but who knows what the real story was. Bob Long brought his Gama II down to try and sell it so it was sitting down by the restaurant for much of the day.

Saturday dawned a little cloudy but cleared up quite quickly and was sunny hot and breezy all day. There were 4 F4’s – Jim, Graham, Mike and Richard along with the usual selection of F2000’s, old Vees, Mario with his libre car, Mike Mac Neil with his 1000cc powered Reynard and a formula Mazda. None of the sports racers showed this weekend. The total car count for the whole weekend was about 60 so I don’t believe you will see many of these one day events in future but that is just my opinion. Jim was again quickest of the F4’s with Graham next and then Mike and Richard.
Race 1 saw Jim head off to have a good race with the Formula Mazda only to have the rear deck come loose in the last couple of laps and he ended up 8th overall and 4th in F4. Graham and Mike were having a spirited battle behind that but Mike has some issues and dropped of the pace on the last lap. Jim’s and Mike’ issues promoted Graham and Richard to 1st and 2nd in class as their cars just kept right on truckin. Both Graham and Mike got into the :32’s and Richard was into the :34’s. The final finishing order for race 1 (in F4) was Graham 1st, Richard 2nd, Mike 3rd and Jim 4th.

Race 2 was pretty much a screw up for many of the non-F4 drivers. The schedule indicated that there was a 15 minute break before the race but due to the earlier problems with time, it had been cancelled and although there were announcements about it, 4 libre drivers missed the race. One change in the F4 line up was the Bob decided to run his car for the last two races of the day so he started at the back of the grid for this race. As only 8 cars started the race, he wasn’t very far behind. Not long after the start he was up battling Jim for the lead and was able to get by Jim later in the race when Mario got in the way of everyone when he had a right front tire go flat and backed up from a big lead into the fight for second. Bob was able to hold his advantage until the end of the race. Part way through the race (lap 8) Mike decided to liven things up a little and spun his car, stalled it and due to running alcohol and a hot engine he was unable to get it started again. The finishing order for race 2 (in F4) was Bob 1st, Jim 2nd, Graham 3rd, Richard 4th and Mike classed as a DNF. Jim turned the fastest F4 time of the weekend in this race at a 1:26:529.

Race 3 was a little better as all the drivers except Francios and Dominique made the grid. Some of the faster Libre cars were starting from the back due to missing race 2 so that made the first few laps interesting. Bob, the Formula Mazda and Jim had a good race for the full 20 minutes as did Graham and Mike. The race was quite calm and anti-climatic as Brian Graham and Mario headed off into the distance with the Bob/Mazda/Jim battle quite a bit behind and then the Graham/Mike battle and Richard another fair distance back. The finishing order for race 3 (in F4) was Bob 1st, Jim 2nd, Graham 3rd, Mike 4th and Richard 5th. Jim was again the quickest F4 at 1:26:531.

As Bob had not really planned to run the car much this weekend, he did not have his ballast plate on therefore the car was running light. The corrected finishing positions for points are that everyone moves up one position in F4 finishes for race 2 & 3 and Bob is only eligible for the 3 “show up” points. This is reflected in the attached points report.

The next race is at Shannonville July 16-17/11, so hope to see everyone there.






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