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Race Report Round 5 BARC Mosport August 6th - TQLA President Chris Haley

Another racer weekend has come and gone as has the 2011 TQLA annual BBQ. Lots of people attended the BBQ and thanks to Richard and Val, everyone had a great time. Now if we could get half the number of racers to the races as we do to the BBQ, we would have a hell of a class – ok, I will get off my soap box now.

Saturday dawned a little cloudy and continued that way off and on all day. There were 4 F4’s – Jim, Graham, Mike and Richard along with the usual selection of F2000’s, old Vees, Mike Mac Neil with his 1000cc powered Reynard, a couple of formula Mazda and the Stor sports racer. Jim was again quickest of the F4’s with Graham next and then Mike. F4 Qualifying was quite interesting as everyone except Graham has some sort of issue. Jim had a miss with his Yamaha, Mike had some rear suspension malfunctions that lucky were repairable and Richard had a rad hose come loose which meant that all the water went places other than where it should be and unfortunately he cooked the engine so he was done like dinner ............

Race 1 saw Jim head off to do battle with the Formula Mazdas and Mike McNeil’s 1000cc car. The miss he had in qualifying was still there but not bad enough to stop him. He said later that it was only a problem in the 11000 to 12000 range so the car still went well. Graham and Mike had their usual good go until Graham decided to test whether his Gamma worked as a Hummer and did some agricultural work between turn 8 & 9 and then had a spin down near 3 somewhere on the same lap just to have some more fun. The final finishing order for race 1 (in F4) was Jim 1st, Mike 2nd and Graham 3rd.

Sunday started out cloudy and continually worse all day! Formula Libre wasn’t scheduled until the first race after lunch but it rained so hard in the late morning that racing was suspended for a while and the schedule ended up being revamped and races shorted from 20 min to 15 min. Luckly the rain let up for a while before we went out and Race 2 was run in the “dry”. Jim was running out front in the F4 group and Mike was still trying to come to grips with a running problem that had cropped up while Graham circulated (on the track this time!). The finishing order for race 2 (in F4) was Jim 1st, Graham 2nd and Mike was a DNF.

Prior to Race 3 there was another torrential rain storm with at least 2 inches of water running through the paddock at one point. The race started in damp conditions as was kind of a survival run as there was a dry line but as the race went on, it was raining slightly in some areas of the track and not in others. Again Mike was plagued by a running problem and if I remember rightly the car stopped out on track. The finishing order for race 3 (in F4) was Jim 1st, Graham 2nd and Mike DNF.

Please note that for the last couple of races, the CASC results have not been showing up on MyLaps.com so I have not been able to confirm the finishing positions and fastest laps (my memory isn’t what it once was) so if any of the information here is incorrect, please let me know and I will make the appropriate corrections. PS> Graham pointed out my numerous errors and finally found the info on mylaps.com so I have made appropriate changes to the points and updated this race report.

The next race is at Mosport, Sept 3-4.

Please note: I will probably not be at any further races this season so if someone could collect the sheets from timing/scoring at the base of the tower each week (at least until they start to show up on MyLaps.com again) and send me the results, I will ensure that the points get updated and distributed.






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