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Race Report Round 1 Mosport May 14-15th - TQLA Member Chris Haley

After a weekend of wet, cold, windy, cold, snowy, cold, crappy, cold ....you get the picture....we were able to get some limited racing in. There were only 2 cars entered, Bob & Jim, both of who skipped both practice and qualifying Saturday and then ran the race later in the afternoon. Unfortunately Jim had a bit of an off track excursion while avoiding some spinning Radicals which bent the left front push rod and put an end to his race after 2 laps. Bob managed to slide around for the remainder of the race, finish and become the proud recipient of the Leighton Irwin award for winning the first heat race in F4 at the first event of the year. As the winter storm passed through overnight, it made track conditions quite interesting Sunday so both Bob and Jim decided to pass on the first race of the day and only go out for the second race. There were only 5 cars for that race, 3 Radicals and two F4's and Jim jumped into a quick lead with the 3 Radicals in pursuit and Bob sputtering along at the rear. Seems the car that had run flawlessly earlier had developed a miss and so Bob just ran around, finished the 60% requirement and came in. Once the Radicals got their tires warmed up they managed to work their way by Jim, who turned a very good best F4 time of 1:26.576, and the overall finishing order was 3 Radicals, Jim 1st in F4 and Bob 2nd in F4.

This was certainly one of the more unenjoyable weekends from a weather stand point that we have had in quite a while but everyone came home in one piece so now we sort out the bugs and head to Calabogie for June 4-5.






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